3D Nail Art #FancyNails

19 Feb


3D NAIL ART! One of our ultimate FAVORITE girly things that stays at the top of our list. Very popular in Japan, this 3D nail art trend has exploded!!

3-D nail art is when a manicurist literally builds designs that pop out of the nail. The outrageous trend comes from the Harajuku scene, where constructing Hello Kitty shrines on one’s fingers counts for ultimate style cred.

3D nail art **Hello Kitty** tutorial


#RetroSuperFuture Glasses “Geek Chic!”

14 Feb


Who says you can’t still be sexy and geeky at the sametime?!?!  We call it “Geek Chic” (shēk or “sheek“) and thanks to our wonderful friends at RetroSuperFuture, we were able to complete this  nice little number we have showcased here.

 We have to admit the glasses may look bulky, but they fit quite comfortably and feel very light. Be sure to check out more styles here: RetroSuperFuture . As you can see celebs love RetroSuperFuture also…they are sure to catch ones eye.

#GUCCI KIDS “Lux Kids!”

14 Feb

Yes! Kids are Trend Setters too! We dedicate this post to our fly guy “O$KI BUNDLES”. Gucci is not only for the adult Urban Elite, they have a few pieces for the little girls and guys so they too can be FLY!

Click images for more information on Gucci kid merchandise.

POLI$HED CLOTHING “Are You Poli$hed?”

13 Feb

POLI$HED – The Urban Hip and Stylish Street Wear for todays Urban Elite Fashionista! POLI$HED was created with the Hip Urban Elite Trend Setter in mind, the ones who know how to take chances and set TRENDS!

Our styles come in an array of different sayings, designs, and SWAG! Our mission is to make the world a more POLI$HED place. So we ask you this are you POLI$HED?
POLI$HED brand is a subsidiary of SDMSTYLE inc. www.SDMSTYLE.biz




13 Feb

Finally we got our hands on the elegant fragrance by Gucci. Thank You Gucci..WE LOVE IT!!!!! Gucci  Guilty is a fragrance that is sure to capture the attention of others instantly. We tested the perfume and we have to admit after rockin the fragrance for only a few hours…there were so many compliments made on the fragrance we couldn’t help but to **giggle** just a little, we now see why its called GUCCI GUILTY.


13 Feb
Luxury Cars

We at SDMSTYLE  Love luxury rides..especially if the ride is FANCY! We dedicate this post to some of our most eye catching rides! “We like the cars the cars that go Zoooooom!” ~SDMSTYLE


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